Oduwa release ADC "Creating the future today".

A stable Coin deploys on ETH network designed to protect your crypto asset against volatility and ADC retains its value even when ethereum plummets. ADC is also a gateway for sovereign local currency in Africa to convert from fiat to digital currency for a trade reserve. This is a genuine process that will eliminate currency manipulation when converting fiat to digital. A process that allows fungible local sovereign tokens that are in a digital representation of its fiat to maintain their value in ODUWA Exchange Platform. ADC will be the vehicle for converting them to crypto.

• 100% Backed

Every ADC subordinate local tethered currency is always backed one to one, by the sovereign local currency held in our reserve bank.


ADC is a stable fungible token. 1 ADC is always equal to 1 USD. ADC platform is built on top of open blockchain technology, immutable, leveraging the security and transparency that it provides.

• Integration

ADC is a most widely integrated digital-to-fiat currency in demand in Africa today.you can buy, sell ADC on ODUWA Exchange and ADC website .

• Transparent

Public Permissioned Blockchain allows everyone to execute a forensic audit of our books. All ADC in circulation always matches the value of our reserves.

Solution :

A general problem that a lot of people in the African region particularly Sub Saharan Africa face is that its hard for them to buy or pay for services and products, even purchase a bitcoin is tough through local fiat currency.With ODUWA having its exchange available in local fiat currency; ADC will revolutionize the local payment system and enhance future of global trading for the people of Africa.


Oduwa Blockchain Solution Ltd, a team that consists of experienced traders, developers and a blockchain strategist who have already developed working projects powers ADC. The idea behind this project is Mitigating trading risks while converting local sovereign currency to digital currency which is quite challenging and very few investors can stick to risk management techniques involved. ODUWA team : A Global leader in blockchain innovation.

"Your money should work for you and not against you".

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