Your Guide To ODUWA

1. What is ODUWA?

ODUWA is digital cryptocurrency like bitcoin that allows you to send and receive digital cash from anyone with no fees.

2. How do you buy ODUWA?

a. Go to

b. Create Account

c. Add and send currency to and from your wallet

d. Store, send, and receive OWC. Oduwa coin can be easily purchased here after you register using all types of crypto currencies. Find the crypto payment that’s right for you and get coins in minutes.

3. How do you invest in ODUWA?

Buying ODUWA is easy , visit Oduwa mainnet at and click buy Oduwa tab after you login and follow the prompt.

4. How does ODUWA work?

ODUWA COIN is Completely Decentralized with No Central Authority, and price depends on Demand and Supply. However, most cryptocurrencies limit the supply of their coins. For instance, the total amount of ODUWA issued is only 21 million. Therefore OWC supply will decrease in time. A Distributed Ledger Technology. Private permissioned blockchain: Only the entities participating in a particular transaction will have knowledge and access to it.

5. What is mining?

Mining is the process of validating transactions on a blockchain network.

6. How is ODUWA mined?

ODUWA coin is premined. 20% of ODUWA will be open to miners in the future.

7. How many ODUWA coins are there?


8. Can a wealthy person buy all the ODUWA coins?


9. Who is in control of ODUWA?

Consortium Private Blockchain.

10. How much is an ODUWA coin worth?

$1.65 at the time of this writting.

11. What is ODUWA cash?

Digital cash that uses a P2P technology to send and receive money without any central authority. All transactions are carried out collectively within the network with zero transactions fees.

12. Are there any risks in investing in ODUWA?

Yes like any other cryptocurrency please execute your due diligence.

13. Can I use ODUWA to pay for transactions?

Oduwa is designed to enable financial inclusion. (Financial inclusion efforts seek to ensure that all households and businesses, regardless of income level, have access to and can effectively use the appropriate financial services they need to improve their lives.

14. Can stores accept ODUWA coins?

Yes merchant adoption is available.

15. Why should you use ODUWA?

No transaction fees, P2P, fungible,secured, irrefutable and efficiency over transparency.

16. Can you make money with ODUWA?

Yes as a speculative asset. Oduwa allow users to increase the value of their coin over a period at the exchanges.

17. Is the use of ODUWA legal?

Yes it is cryptocurrency. However check with your jurisdiction to make sure they allow the use of cryptocurrency.

18. Is ODUWA consumer protected?

ODUWA ecosystem is built on trust economy and the security of our users financial asset is our No.1 priority.

19. Can the value of ODUWA become worthless?

Yes if there is no use for it.

20. What influences the price of ODUWA?

Use case and scarcity

21. Is ODUWA or cryptocurrency a scam?


22. Why should you trust ODUWA?

In Oduwa only the entities participating in a particular transaction will have knowledge and access to it.

23. How is ODUWA different from Bitcoin and other coins?

ODUWA is different in its use case. No fees within the ODUWA ecosystem for sending ODUWA. ODUWA can handle more than 50 transactions per second. ODUWA is a private permissioned blockchain with more security and privacy for the owners. ODUWA is affordable now for new and early adopters in cryptocurrency.Oduwa is a designed solution for the people of Africa.

24. Who created ODUWA?


25. Is ODUWA a virtual currency?


26. How does volatility and speculation affect ODUWA?

As it affects every other digital currency.

27. Aren’t early adopters or investors getting more out of ODUWA?

Yes but ODUWA relies on mass adoption.

28. Why should you trust ODUWA?

Oduwa mainnet is unique in that it is not only decentralized but also allows only the entities participating in a particular transaction will have knowledge and access to it..

"Oduwa coin is creating the future today".

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