Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: Africa Development Crowdfund Limited is a freewill association of individuals who desire to make Africa a better place and not solely rely on the government to do it for us. Nothing on this website is considered any form of financial, or banking advice. Any person or organisation seeking such should contact appropriate consultants and professionals.

The following terms and conditions govern your association with Africa Development Crowdfund Limited which shall be referred to as ADC. Members and prospective members or users are strongly advised to obey these terms and conditions. They are binding and you agree to them as follows.

  • I affirm that my contact with and participation in ADC is by my complete discretion, genuine, with no ill intentions or ulterior motives and nobody has enticed or asked me to do otherwise.
  • I affirm to be honest and of integrity in all I do on behalf of and in regards to ADC.
  • I affirm to put up the highest level of courtesy and not exploit or make negative or destructive remarks about ADC, its members, partners, projects etc.
  • I affirm that financial and other benefits shall accrue to me as provided by ADC.
  • I affirm not to do anything unethical and/or detrimental to the operation, corporate existence and proper functioning of ADC, and her programs, projects, services etc.
  • I affirm not to use the name of ADC, its affiliates, products, projects, people or resources to further any other business other than that of ADC and as duly authorized by her.
  • I affirm that I will do my best in promoting ADC and that ADC is genuine and in my best interest and the best interest of Africa.
  • I affirm that my participation is in good faith and I shall not in any way hold ADC, its founder, members, or affiliates liable with any obligation for any liability that I may encounter as a result of my contact with and/or participation in her programs.
  • I affirm that my membership or participation and any suggestion on how much can be of possible financial benefit to me, does not constitute a promise.
  • I affirm that ADC, her services, projects, programs and systems are provided on an as-is basis and in good faith, however, no guarantees or warranties are provided that the service will be available at any particular time or that it will satisfy any particular quality of expectations.
  • I affirm that if I abuse these terms and conditions, ADC has the right to determine such, terminate my membership, participation, or partnership and relieve me of all accompanying benefits and if necessary, legally prosecute and hold me accountable.
  • I agree that ADC has the rights to review and make changes to her programs, projects, systems and terms and conditions without prior notice and in any case, it remains binding. Nevertheless ADC hopes to be scrupulously fair in all cases to foster goodwill.
  • I affirm that if any other document, words or content from ADC contradicts these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions supersedes such and remains binding.